food additives and regulations within the European Union

Published 15 de February, por Taberner .

Aditivos alimentarios y su normativa dentro de la Unión Europea

The issue of food additives permitted in the European Union is one of the issues that most interest and concern to consumers.

In Taberner we are manufacturers of additives, prepared and meat seasonings, We work with these substances to improve the appearance, the texture, resistance to microorganisms ... meat technological way, during the various stages of development, transport or storage of a product.

Additives authorized for use in foodstuffs and their conditions of use set out in REGULATION (EU) No. 1130/2011 COMMISSION.

The EU regulates important aspects such as the information that must appear on the label, which it appears in the general conditions established in the Directive 2000/13 / EC. And the maximum dose that can be used and what foods can be incorporated.

Regarding the authorization procedure for new Food Additives, It stated in the Regulation (THIS) No 1331/2008. the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) It is responsible for assessing the safety of the substance. Once the EFSA has delivered its opinion the Commission is considering the possible authorization, together with experts in food additives of all Member States.

All food additives we produce in Taberner They have been evaluated and approved for the EU, proving that they are safe and necessary.

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