Marinades and marinades for turkey

Published 2 de February, por Taberner .

Adobos y marinados para pavo

Meat consumption has great benefits, It is an important source of protein, b12 vitamin, iron, potassium, phosphorus and zinc. But not all meats are equal.

The consumer usually distinguish between two basic types of meat, the “blanca” and the “day”. The difference between them to be the color, caused by the greater or lesser presence of myoglobin. Red meats are those that contain a higher proportion this type of substance that also demand more digestive work, among them are the lamb, the ox, the pig, veal .... Conversely white meat are lighter, among them are the chicken, the hen, the turkey, Rabbit…

Today we focus on the group of white meat, whose health benefits are greater, since they have antioxidant properties, high quality proteins that regenerate tissues, prevent osteoporosis thanks to the contribution of phosphorus and calcium, fight anemia due to iron and increase defenses.

For this type of meat Taberner It has developed a large number of solutions, as Burguer Meats intended for the production of chicken burgers or poultry. O los aditivos para salchichas frescas, fresh sausages, chistorra and that give Creole barbecue chicken meat classic spicy taste, or spicy, or paprika, or Argentine.

Sin olvidar los adobos y marinados para pollo a l’ast, shish kebabs, Andalusian skewers, wings, barbecue, ... With typical curry spicy thyme, romero, comino, turmeric…

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