Marinades for chicken

Published 30 de March, por Taberner .

Adobos para pollo

The objective of Taberner It is to offer solutions that best meet the needs and expectations of our customers. As in the marinades for chicken, which we offer an extensive combination of preparations to convert any cutting delicious and juicy specialties, with an appealing look and unique flavor.

All our marinades are formulated with natural ingredients. They can be used in combination brines hydration to improve the juiciness of the chicken pieces, either water or oil depending on the result to be obtained.

Some of our flavors:

Pollo a l’ast: Flavored mixture of herbs and spices. Thyme and rosemary.
Barbacoa: Flavored tomatoes, spices and smoke flavor.

Adobo alitas de pollo: spicy taste, slightly spicy.

roasted spices: Soft spicy taste, classic Castilian roasts.

Spikes Moorish Andalusian: Intense flavor spices, turmeric and cumin.

marinated Oriental: Soft background decoration vegetable curry with sliced.

marinated Garlic: Intense classic marinated garlic and parsley.

marinating: Blend of spices and bits of herbs and vegetables.

Tex-Mex: Spices, paprika and chili pepper.

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