German Delicatessen

Published 31 August, por Taberner .

Charcutería alemana


Oktoberfest It is held between the months of September and October in the Bavarian city of Munich from 1810. It is the largest folk festival in Germany and one of the largest in the world.

In recent years this festival has become popular around the world, the festival has joined social events in many cities.

On the occasion of this traditional and emblematic festival, Taberner It presents its range of products to develop German sausages and charcuterie.

For Germans, the word sausage means any preparation and seasoned ground beef. Hence the name of any German sausage includes the term sausage; Knack sausage , Weiß sausage o Brat sausage .

Among the most known and popular sausages are:

typical Frankfurters German, made with lean pork and bacon quality finely chopped, with a characteristic smokiness, They are eaten cooked or scalded. Las Knackwurst, smaller size, the Bockwurst, of a thicker gauge or wienerwurst, classic Viennese sausage.

The Bratwurst es otra de las más tradicionales, together with Weibwurst or white sausage popular in the region of Bavaria. He made both with finely chopped meat pork and beef and seasoned according to the region that is made, although nutmeg, ginger and pepper are the most common ingredients. Este tipo de embutido se puede preparar a la parrilla o frita y se acompaña con mostaza y sauerkraut, the typical chucrut or sauerkraut.

Taberner It offers from complete preparations for Frankfurt and Bratwurst, through flavors or mixtures of flavor for the entire range of frankfurters, until spices highest quality for experts to develop their own formulas.