What is the shelf life of food?

Published 15 de March, por Taberner .

¿Qué es la vida útil de un alimento?

The useful life of a food is the period of time between the production or packaging of the product and the point at which the food loses its physicochemical and organoleptic qualities (flavor, texture, odor, color or temperature).

Therefore the life depends both on the characteristics of food as conservation techniques thereof. It is established for each food business.

The aim is to prevent growth of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms to improve storage and increase durability.

factors which condition the life of a food

Temperature, light or oxygen. The rate of growth of pathogenic microorganisms is one of the most decisive factors in the life of a food. So, certain processes (physical, chemical or microbiological) can cause deterioration of the product and the end of the service life thereof.

Therefore influences in duration: the nature of the product, the processing and preservation process that has been followed and the conditions of storage and packaging.

As the life of a food is calculated

Should seek balance between microbiological and sensory aspects expiration (odor, color…) food.

It should be determined by a study that will depend on the type of food to be analyzed. These studies provide data on life how long a product can keep unchanged its properties and is able to maintain its quality from the time when the consumer opens the package.

Taberner products to extend shelf life of food

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