Taberner warranty is certified Halal

Published 29 de September, por Taberner .

Taberner dispone del certificado de garantía Halal

The term halal, Arabic (Halal), literally it means “permitted” and refers to the set of practices, services and healthy products allowed Muslims.

The model halal It goes far beyond not allow consumption of certain foods, and not only refers to products, but also to processes and actions. There's even the speaker and a “Lifestyle halal” also for non-Muslims.

The food market halal in the world, It is continuously growing due to the increasing population of potential consumers. Europe alone has over 44 million Muslim consumers.

What is certification halal?

It is a guarantee that a product has been carefully researched and found to comply with Islamic dietary laws. It consists of a series of audits and evaluations of quality systems and production companies as well as finished products and working staff.

Taberner cuenta con la Certificación de Garantía Halal in more than 100 references of products designed for the meat industry of Muslim origin; including aromas and marinades, bases for embedded type thin pasta luncheon, cachir, pate pizza, cheese pasta, aromas and prepared for kebab as well as preservatives and functional mixtures.