Taberner Formando the meat sector

Published 12 August, por Taberner .

Taberner formando al sector cárnico

In Taberner we have an important R & D, able to offer the best solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, thanks to the experience and training of our technical product application.

This service allows us to provide comprehensive support and technical advice throughout the process optimization and product development.

In recent years, thanks to our training sessions, in collaboration with our dealers and butchers guilds, we have had the opportunity to reach more customers.

The objective of Taberner in these courses and workshops it is to provide and updated theoretical and practical training on processed meat, legislation and labeling.

Our facilities are specially designed to accommodate these training days, but also we perform at the plants of our customers and distributors.

The main courses were taught:

  • Made fresh meat, cooked and cured: meats, technologies, processes, formulations.
  • Main processing defects.
  • functional ingredients applied to the meat industry.
  • Preservatives used in the meat industry.
  • Pre-cooked, and vacuum cooking range.
  • Legislation and labeling.

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