Taberner I D i, science-based innovation and technology

Published 30 the November,nl, por Taberner .

Taberner I+D+i, innovación basada en ciencia y tecnología

In Taberner We recognize the need to optimize resources for R & D companies due to market demands and consumers.

In order to create opportunities for innovation through knowledge of ingredients and processes, we have signed a partnership agreement with SIGMA BIOTECH, specialized in providing technical services with high added value for food companies company.

This partnership allows us to teach to get the most benefit through our solutions in formulas and processes of our customers, through the design and development of new products or improving existing ones. Research processes and innovative technologies to increase production quality of our customers, as well as improve their competitiveness and food security.

The Research, Development and Innovation, He was born simultaneously with the idea of ​​founding a company able to offer the food industry, a comprehensive service, from providing the raw material to develop you your final product.

Comprehensive technical advice

The professional relationship Taberner it establishes with its customers is based on a profound respect, mutual trust and a thorough diagnosis of your needs. This allows you to address your solution, through a group of professionals specialized by line, who they are able to provide a comprehensive technical support, throughout the process of developing new products or improving existing ones in terms of:

  • Cost Savings.
  • Quality Improvements.
  • Improve the nutritional profile.
  • health and regulatory issues.

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