Técnicas de cocina al vacio

Published 29 de July, por Taberner .

Técnicas de cocina al vacio

Cook vacuum is placing a food in a container that is waterproof and heat-resistant, extract air from inside, seal it and submit it to the action of a heat source, which it will be previously regulated constant temperature and time required to get to cook the food.

The baking is performed at temperatures below 100 ° C in a humid environment, and it shall be necessarily followed by a rapid drop in temperature in the cooling cell, where the temperature is reduced to 3 ° C in less than 90 minutes.

Vacuum cooking ensures the health and hygiene of food improving the life of the product since it avoids the temperature range in which microorganisms proliferate.

Once the process is finished foods are stored chilled or frozen until consumption.

The cooking technique

As we have indicated is performed at a temperature below 100, as a rule between 65C and 100C, by products, although most are usually cook between 65C and 85C.

the bath can be used with thermostat or steam oven called low pressure or wet steam, this system is more effective for greater reliability in terms of temperature regulation.

One of the great advantages of low temperature cooking is the substance that dissolves the connective tissue of meat animals, called collagen, which interferes directly in hard or tender texture of meat.

Throughout the process should take into account that the temperature should not vary by greater than 1 ° C degree throughout the cooking parameters. The rapid drop in temperature must take place immediately after cooking, for it is best to use a cell quench.

By last, for tasting, food will recover in the same bag always above +65 degrees and less time 1 hour.