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We offer personalized services to the client for the development of a customized solution, provision of Pilot Plant and assistance to the application.

“More than 1500 solutions for more than 500 customers in more than 30 countries.”

Research, Innovation and Development of applications


Customised solutions

00010753 (Small)

We adapt our solutions to the needs and expectations of our customers. We offer the solution, service and training best suited to each customer to improve the quality and result of their products and services

Pilot plant

Planta Piloto_

Our pilot plant for the development of meat derivatives and ready-made meals, is enabled and fully equipped to carry out practical tests, with which the advice on the development of ideas and products carried out for customers is finalised. These tests are a great advantage to the customer, given that they serve as trials for real industrial conditions.

Planta piloto

Comprehensive technical advice

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We establish a professional relationship with our customers based on a deep rooted respect, mutual trust and an exhaustive needs assessment. This enables us to reach the best solution through our professionals who are highly specialised by line.

We provide a comprehensive technical backing during the entire process of developing new products or improving those that already exist in terms of:

  • Cost savings
  • Quality improvements
  • Improving the nutritional profile
  • Health and regulatory aspects

Our specialists

We offer technological support when it comes to establishing the best combination of mixes of ingredients and the different production processes which best suit the production profile of our customers.
This is why we have a highly qualified professional team with a wealth of experience, which is multidisciplinary with tasters, chefs, agricultural engineers, biologists, food technologists and master butchers.

Producción fabrica

Continued development both of new products and customised solutions for customers.

Departamento de producción fábrica

Own production plant with a high capacity, latest technology and high food quality standards.

Atención técnica aplicación

Technical customer support service. Professionals dedicated exclusively to guarantee the success of the applications, training and informing our customers.

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