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Become a Distributor

At Taberner we create profits every day for our distributors.

Advantages for Taberner's distributor:

Initial and regular training.

Commercial backing and training in product sales
Establishing routes. Managing requests for new developments from Taberner’s R+D+i.

Technical and sales information and documentation, updated and always available to the distributor (Technical sheets, leaflets, manuals, etc).

Specialist team dedicated to our distributors with agents specialised in:

  • Technical support for product applications, problems, new projects and developments, product adaptations.
  • Regulatory support so that the distributor can help their customers.
  • Logistics and orders.
  • Administration and invoicing.

Available so that the customer can carry out the testing here.

Merchandising, presence at fairs and in the sector’s publications, vehicle branding, catalogues, leaflets, online actions.

Individuals who contact Taberner and are in the distributor’s area of operation.

(In some cases)

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