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Profood is an innovative range of solutions to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the food service industry, collectives and organised catering.

A range of products, including sauces, bases, stocks, thickeners, binders, etc., subject to strict quality controls and continuous R+D+i investment.

As our products don’t contain any added salt, the amount of sodium may be adjusted according to the recipe, allowing each chef to create and personalise their own unique and distinctive flavour.

Why Profood?

Why Profood?

  • Time saving and high performance: using PROFOOD on kitchen production lines significantly reduces the preparation time of sauces and broths. Traditional preparation processes are removed: with PROFOOD, the process is as simple as dissolving the product in water or milk, depending on the recipe, and bringing it to the boil.
  • Equipment and space saving: no need for large pots and pans, it saves energy, increases productivity of the facilities and materials, reduces waste management and enables a lower stock volume, among other benefits.
  • Controlled costing: reduces costs, removes unnecessary packaging, and saves time by eliminating the need to buy all the ingredients.

Naturalness and Quality

  • Enables a wide range of combinations: being salt-free, flavours may be customised, and different products may be combined with each other, allowing each chef to create their own recipe.
  • Consistent production and quality: as our products are standardised under strict IFS (International Food Standards) certification criteria, chefs may create their own flavours and always obtain the same quality each time they use PROFOOD products.
  • Technical support for professional chefs: we have a highly experienced and specialised team to provide technical support to our clients, from designing new dishes, customising recipes and improving processes to problem solving (thickening, flavour, concentrations, etc.).


  • Products without added salt or gluten: this makes it possible to cook safe, healthy dishes and low-salt, low-fat, heart-healthy and diet foods, as well as enhancing the flavour of dishes.
  • Glutamate-free and preservative-free products for the most natural cooking possible.
  • Microbiological and organoleptic quality guarantee: products made according to high quality standards (IFS).

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