“More than 200 future professional vets have visited the pilot plant that Taberner has put to the disposal of the CEU Cardenal Herrera”

Since september 2019 until january 2020, the R+D+i&Quality department at Manufacturas Taberner, has imparted practices at meat processed products for the 5th course Veterinary students at the University CEU Cardenal Herrera.

The practice has been implemented in groups of 15 students, including Spanish students but also from several countries of the EU.

With these initiatives we help young people to know closely our company. The practice consisted of a theory class and a workshop to provide a vision of what we produce from the inside, giving a close and personal perspective of Taberner. The differences between meat products and meat preparations, as well as the mixes that provides MANUFACTURAS TABERNER, S.A. for the development in the meat industries.

Likewise, the information on our technical sheets, elaborated by our quality department for each of our mixes, has been developed and Taberner has explained the functionality of each one of them on an ingredient list and their limitations, if it was the case, of the additives which doses are regulated by UE legislation.

At the workshops, once the theory was explained, different meat products were elaborated, explaining the different process like stuffing, fermentation, curing…besides giving active participation and the opportunity of asking any kind of question.

AT Taberner we bet for the talent. At the end of their career, the students who visited our pilot plat will enter the labour market knowing the processes of the meat industry out of the experience of the professionals at the R+D+I & Quality department at Taberner, whereupon they will know what they shall face in their professional future.


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