Prevention of Listeria contamination of meat products treated by heat

As a result of the latest cases of listeria contamination, we would like to make some observations
Heat-treated meat products with the following procedure: pasteurization -> refrigeration -> packaging
For example, cooked sausages, type Wiener, Bratwurst, and other cooked whole meat products without direct cooking bags, are susceptible to contamination by microorganisms in the post-pasteurization phase.
After the rapid post-pasteurization lowering, the meat product goes to the refrigeration chamber until its subsequent vacuum packaging in a bag for commercialization.
In this phase of chamber maintenance between 2 and 4 degrees, the elaborated product, despite having been pasteurized, can be contaminated, which is why it is so important, and this phase should appear in the process flow diagram for this type of products as CRITICAL POINT
To be sure that the process has FOOD SAFETY, it is ESSENTIAL to add two more phases:
FINALL PASTEURIZATION OF THE PACKAGED PRODUCT (80ºC until reaching 72ºC at the core of the piece)
COOLING until reaching 2º / 4ºc at the core of the piece
R&D and Quality Department


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