Pulled Pork recipe with Taberfood

PULLED PORK recipe with Taberfood 01: base for the preparation of sauces thanks to the sous vide process of roasted nuances, soft vegetal notes and a touch of roasted meat. For every kind of beef and pork stew. Taberfood is allergen free, no salt-added, it saves time, labour, suitable for vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Perfect to standardize quality, production and flavours. Healthy and safe dishes.


1 kg. head of loin

110g water

75g Base Taberfood 01

50g Marinade Barbecue

2g Broken black pepper

Video-recipe avaliable here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0DS4_vRHmk&list=PLAgrLHOkVaX2pVnOBGNlHKLVudSOhgaXC&index=2

The recommended cooking process for this recipe must be enough for the product to reach, correctly the pasteurization temperature at the core (73º) in packaging which are lighter than 2kg. Nevertheless, we highly recommend making a shelf life study to homologate the food safety of the product


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