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Turkey recipes with Taberfood

The Convenience industry continues to grow year after year. More and more companies in the meat industry and traditional butchers are riding the wave. However, when adding this type of elaborate to your product offering, it is normal that questions arise. Where should I start? Will it be profitable for my business? Will I have to change my production processes? How will it affect the food safety of the products I offer? Our product Taberfood answers the vast majority of these questions.

Taberfood was born to meet the global trend of ready meals. It is a range of culinary bases of ingredients without allergens, without added salt, without glutamate nor preservatives, conceived for the transformation of fresh meat into a prepared dish, applied in the form of a dense porridge in the process, it generates a bound and shiny sauce during its sous vide cooking. With this system we have a whole dish since it is pasteurized in the same cooking process.

Using Taberfood in your recipes is very easy. You only have to follow 4 steps:

1º . Weighing of ingredients

2º . Tumbling

3º . Vacuum-packaging

4º . Cooking and cooling (Blast-Chiller)

Do you still have doubts about using Taberfood solutions in your elaborations? We want to tell you the case of one of our clients who had never been encouraged to make V-range dishes but who had ovens to carry it out. We suggested trying Taberfood with his turkey pieces, to get very healthy recipes.

After trying it, he was amazed at the turkey recipes with Taberfood and he was encouraged to try all kinds of recipes.

After trying it, he was amazed at the turkey recipes with Taberfood and he was encouraged to try all kinds of recipes.

We not only taught him a line of business that he did not have, but we also helped him to  develop recipes adapted to his usual product, which is turkey among others. Our application technicians have worked very hard to develop innovative, healthy and tasty recipes that would be able to surprise the most demanding customers. An example would be our recipe for Turkey with brandy, made with Taberfood. 03.

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