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Preservatives to obtain harmless products and to extend the life of the product. We advise and support the production processes with the highest quality requirements for our customers.

We have three major groups of food preservatives: antimicrobials, microbial growth inhibitors, antioxidants and nitrifiers.


Tecnomic CL: Clean Label microbial growth inhibitor.

Tecnomic fresh 8G: effective microbial growth inhibitor and antioxidant based on organic acids.

Tecnomic L: range of antimicrobials based on organic acids and other additives according to market needs.


Antioxidant CL.02: antioxidant for freshly chopped products with a clean label.

Antioxidant. 01: antioxidant for freshly chopped products based on organic acids.

Antioxidant sobrasada: prevents the rancidity of fats.

Carnisol: family of preservatives and antioxidants, based on sulphites, for the preparation of Burger meat and fresh sausage.

Lactaber: mixture of lactate and other microbial inhibitors. Antioxidant and broad-spectrum antimicrobial.


CONDISABOR MEET-CUR-6090: mixtures of vegetable extracts with high content of nitrites and nitrates of natural origin, without E numbers.

Nitrifying agent NC-2: nitrifying salt, only nitrite.

Tabers Power: Nitrifying salts for long-life cured sausages.

Tabers Power Jam: mixtures of sugars, antioxidants and nitrifiers for whole muscle cured products.


Starter-T 100Kg: starter for a controlled reduction of the pH of raw-cured sausages and promotes colour development.

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