Taberfood - Beyond processed meat products.

Taberner offers a new range of products that facilitate the Meat Industry to achive plenty of flavours. Culinary bases of ingredients salt, allergen and glutamate free for the transformation of fresh meat into ready meals. The absence of salt enables the Meat Industry to adjust the quantity of salt required to create and personalize its unique and distinguishing flavour.

Wide palette in 4 easy steps

Among the benefits our TABERFOOD range guarantees savings in labour, machinery and space, with controlled production costs.

Furthermore, this line is suitable for vegan and vegetarian recipes creating healthy and safe dishes (ideal for schools and hospitals) with homogeneous production and quality.

Demanding in the quality of its products, it has a guarantee of microbiological and organoleptic quality of the food and long life of the dishes.

Our range comprises of two bases:

Base 01

Base for the preparation of sauces of roasted nuances, soft vegetal note and a touch of roasted meat. For every kind of beef and pork stew.

Base 02

Base for the preparation of sauces to be combined with our wide range of marinades to create a palette of personalized flavours with every sort of meat.




You have at your disposal a receipt repository continuously developed by our chefs team for your customers, so that you can elaborate dishes like…


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