Taberveggies – Solutions for Vegan Products

Always innovating, Taberner satisfies the growing global trend of consumers who opt for vegetable proteins and vegan formulations, with the TABER-VEGGIES line’s mix of functional ingredients to give meat texture when creating vegan foods with great bite and good culinary performance. Very versatile solutions for all types of chopped, formed a/o stuffed products. 100% vegetable-based and Clean Label.


Our R+D+i department develops tailor-made solutions. Your Flavour Maker.


  • Vegan barbecue flavor
  • Vegan pizza flavor
  • Vegan boletus and truffle flavor


  • Vegan Chicken
  • Vegan Pork
  • Vegan Fajitas
  • Vegan Kebab


  • Bolognese
  • Musaka


  • Morcilla
  • Sausage


Tecnomic Fresh

Preservative and antioxidant sulphite-free.

Tecnomic CL 10
y CL 20

Microbial growth inhibitor, Clean Label and additive-free.


Universal antioxidant and preservative lactate based.

Functional Ingredients Mix

Aglumax XXL

Water-binder for fresh minced products with a good culinary performance.

Aglumax vegetal .02

Mix of natural ingredients from vegetal origine as binder for vegan products.

Tabertex N14

Textured vegetable protein (TVP) with a particle size of 1 to 4 mm.

Tabertex Mince

Textured vegetal protein (TVP) with a particle size of 5 and 15 mm.

Tabertex Chunk

Textured vegetal protein (TVP) with a particle size of 10 and 25 mm.

Tabertex Slice

TVP with a particle size from 10 to 40mm. 10 y 40 mm.

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