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TaberFood: New line for the transformation of fresh meat into ready meals.

At Taberner we are constantly searching and developing solutions to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the food industry.
Therefore, we introduce a new range of products, Taberfood, to support the meat industry. They are culinary ingredients bases without allergens, without salt, without glutamate and without preservatives, for the transformation of fresh meat into ready meals.

The application of TaberFood products is done dry, taking advantage of cooking losses to generate its linked and shiny sauce. The process consists of 4 simple steps: weighing ingredients, dry mixing, vacuum packing and cooking and blast-chilling.
The main objective of this new line is to respond to the needs for labour and machinery savings, homogeneous production and quality, controlled production costs, as well as a guarantee of the microbiological and organoleptic quality of food and the lengthening of shelf life of the dishes.

On the other hand, responding to new eating habits in consumers, Taberfood products are healthy and safe (suitable for schools and hospitals) as well as suitable for application in vegan and vegetarian dishes.


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