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Taberner launches two new websites.

Corporate web and Profood web

Within the digital transformation plan, Taberner has launched the new corporate website, and the Profood website, culinary solutions aimed for the professional chef at the horeca channel, colectivities and organised catering, providing a strong boost to its digital image, besides an open attitude towards changes at crisis moments.

Now, navigating on the new Taberner website and finding any solution is much easier. It also has a more attractive look, it includes contents of interest for users at the section TaberAcademy (articles for the professional, R&D and Quality, Receipts, news…)

The Profood website presents an innovative range of solutions to satisfy the needs and expectations of the horeca channel, collectivities and organised catering. Sauces, broths, bouillons, thickeners, and binders…, a range of products under a strict quality control and a continuous R&D and Quality investment. Furthermore, it has a section of receipes that will surprise the sector professionals.

Substantial changes are being produced in the way we work, communicate, purchase and sell…Aware of this, Taberner is always looking for innovation, excellence and growth in all areas, to make an opportunity out of a menace. That’s why, in addition to supply warranty in these hard months, Taberner has focused on key aspects to handle the COVID-19 crisis and providing more value to customers:

Healthier Food: Aware that consumers desire and their growing interest in maintaining a healthy diet has increased during the coronavirus crisis, at Taberner they are more committed than ever to satisfying and pioneering the development of healthy solutions with the same flavour as ever. . Its R&D and Quality department has established a strategic Clean Label by Taberner plan that is already providing a result of a Clean Label product line. Likewise, its Profood line consists of products without added salt, glutamate-free and without preservatives and with a guarantee of microbiological and organoleptic quality, which allows cooking healthy and safe dishes, as well as low-salt and fat, heart-healthy and dietary dishes, in addition to reinforcing the flavour of the dishes.

New consumer trends: Taberner meets the growing global trend of consumers who are committed to plant-based proteins and vegan formulations, with the new TaberVeggies line: a mixture of functional ingredients for the preparation of vegan foods with mordant and good culinary behaviour. Very versatile solutions for all types of minced, stuffed products, 100% vegetable origin and Clean Label, with all the flavour.

Guarantee in supply and cost savings: with a commercial team and a network of technically qualified distributors to identify the particular needs of each client, and together with its R&D and Quality department, Taberner develops the best solution for this new scenario. . Their extensive experience, production and marketing system allows them to adapt to the changing needs of their clients in terms of product range or type of packaging. In this sense, the Profood line makes it possible to achieve an increase in productivity in kitchens, reduce time, save machinery and spaces, or what is very important in this stage of uncertainty, have the pricing schedule costs controlled.

At Taberner we continue 100% in order to provide the best solutions to face this new scenario and meet the new needs and demands of the market

We invite you to visit the new websites:


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